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Sample a variety of craft beers from local breweries at this annual event on the picturesque lawn of The Hickories Museum. Ticket holders will receive 10 beer sample tickets to redeem for 10 4 oz. samples (there will be several drink options in addition to beer). Additional sample tickets will be available for purchase during the event. There will be food trucks on site (food truck fare not included in the ticket price) and music, basket raffles, and a 50/50 raffle. Tickets are $35 per person ($30 for LCHS members, $10 non-alcoholic drinks ticket option available). Click here to purchase. This is a strictly 21 and over only, rain or shine event.

$35 Ticket holders will receive 10 beer sample tickets to redeem for 10 4 oz. samples



Treelawn, 15335 Waterloo Road, Cleveland, OH 44410

No performance is the same. Drumplay can't be categorized as World Music or Jazz or Blues or Rhythm and Blues or Soul or Beatnik...because it's all of those at any given time. Every song is made up on the spot. It might feature an invented trumpet melody or the poetry of J Scott Franklin or Daniel Thompson. Or it might be the words to some long gone song like The Gambler or Wanted Dead or Alive...but with a brand new melody. Upright Bass, Trumpet, Drum Kit & African Percussion.

J Scott Franklin

 —  —

TOAST, 1365 West 65th Street, Cleveland, OH

These are the places that create a local culture. Toast is a warm, friendly environment where the people and the building have their own character. I assume this restaurant was once a house. It is surrounded by houses. During warm months, the music is on the back patio which is built around a huge, old tree.


CLEurban Winery 7th Anniversary (J Scott Franklin Solo)

 —  —

CLEurban Winery, 2180B Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

In May, through Project Drew, I wrote a song for Navy Veteran Destiny Burns called "Rebel Queen of Reinvention". I'll be performing it at this event since Destiny is the owner of CLEurban Winery. Visit their website and watch the video on their homepage about community first, wine second.

J Scott Franklin Live, Solo

Sijana's Lounge, 17585 GAR Highway (Rt 6), Montville, OH

Bringing back music after over a decade. This place has a lot of history. When Sijana was a baby, her parents purchased a nearly burned down restaurant and named it after her. Sijana's parents had two friends who also had a baby, his name was Leo. Leo and Sijana played in a playpen together as the parents restored and built back the bar. Many things have happened through the years since, but now, Leo and Sijana are running Sijana's Lounge. I'm looking forward to contributing to their great atmosphere for this night. I hope it's the first of many.

Who I Am

   (If you need the accolades, scroll to the end)

   I was raised with a love of small towns and big cities. It's those stories sitting still within in a scene that get me, the quiet ones.   I see idle tractors on a Saturday night dreaming of a city night past the distant hills. Two fishing poles with "nowhere to be" reel in the thought of a steel mill 45 miles up the railroad tracks which cross the bridge above the river.  Railroad tracks tie us together.  Roads cut us apart, but roads also bring us back together.  Words about the sunset don't burn like the colors in the sky.  The craft of songwriting is a journey to learn the balance between a story in the scene and a story outside the scene.  

   My years have traversed from ocean town Virginia to small college town North Carolina, rural Virginia to urban Ohio, suburban Ohio to rural Ohio back to urban with a year in coastal Alabama tucked in there.  I once lived in my car for 3 years traveling the country to play whatever coffee shop or rock club would take me.  My years were filled with working in leather tanneries, group homes, house framing, fast food, printing companies, carpentry, lumberjacking (in Nova Scotia) teaching trumpet lessons and teaching in public schools.  Before the pandemic, while working a full time music teaching position in an urban district, I averaged 80 performances per year, often logging 100+ hour weeks.  I've spent my life trying not to be a public school teacher, but the path keeps sending me back there. 

  I write to give you real stories, even if they aren't all mine.  And even if they aren't all true. They're all real.  I never set down to write a hit.  I set down to write the best story I am capable of, even on the funny songs.    

  Although I spent a weekend playing my own songs to crowds of 10,000 in France, I am just as happy playing to 25 people who'll listen to every word.  Notable accomplishments are:  Winning the Frank Brown International Songwriter Festival Songwriter Contest, being nominated as Best Songwriter in Scene Magazine and Best Band in the Free Times, being one of five trumpet players on the Ohio Intercollegiate All Star Jazz Band, being allowed to play in 4 Mississippi Songwriter Festivals (even though I'm not from Mississippi), performing with Keith Sykes (of Jimmy Buffet band) and Buzz Cason (writer of Everlasting Love), opening for George Jones and having him mention our band's name into the microphone, opening for Ralph Stanley.  

   Browse the songs.  Find me on FB.  

   Hope to see you around :).


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