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short bio

   j Scott Franklin uses words like a painter uses colors. The phrases are as carefully shaped as the strokes of a brush.  His lyrics are about the sound of the words and the images they conjur.  From the first time he put a pen to paper, Scott has striven to put everything aside except the meaning and flow of the story.    Highlights thus far in his career include playing in concert with Country Hall of Fame legend George Jones.  Scott has also performed in concert with Ralph Stanley (Oh Brother Where Art Thou) and Keith Sykes (Jimmy Buffets former bandmate and cowriter of several hits).  He was nominated as Cleveland Scene Magazine's “Best Songwriter”.  
  In addition to performing as guitarist and vocalist, he sometimes performs with his jazz quartet, singing and playing trumpet on jazz standards.   Scott has also written close to 30 songs for veterans, many through Project D.R.E.W.  

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